About us

Our Wetsuit MegaStore (WMS) is a result of a long time dealing with wetsuits and surfing in cold waters and strong winds. We decided to dedicate a site 100% to wetsuits an fill it with useful information. We try to answer every possible question that a wetsuit buyer might have and fill you in with all the necessary info you need to buy and use your wetsuit.

We also included a wetsuit shop with the widest selection of wetsuits possible. We do not directly sell these wetsuits, this is just and overview of what is available on the market so you don’t have to look around for different wetsuit brands and models. A click on each product will take you to the online store where you will be able to buy that product.


If you want to contact us, send us an email to: hello(at)wetsuitmegastore.com

See you in the water!