Wetsuit Jacket

Wetsuit JacketWetsuit jacket is similar to wetsuit top. The main difference is that wetsuit jacket usually has a front zipper that lets you completely open the jacket while you are putting it on or off or if you are feeling hot. Some wetsuit tops are also called wetsuit jackets even thoguh they have no zipper but that is kind of misleading. This mostly happens with surfing wetsuit tops which almost never have a front zipper. Why? While lying on your belly on your surfboard you would be lying directly on the zipper which would not be very comfortable. And because of the wax, the zipper would soon become dirty and hard to zip and unzip.


As you can see in the picture below there is a womans version of surfing wetsuit jacket that has only a short zipper below the neck. That kind of zipper won’t bother you while surfing. An ordinary wetsuit jacket as we know it is in the picture to the right.


The other difference is that wetsuti jacket tends to be made out of thicker neoprene than wetsuit top and is therefor warmer. Zipper helps you get into the wetsuit jacket even when it is thick. Pulling a very thick jacket without a zipper over your head wouldn’t work. Normal wetsuit jacket thickness is 2 millimeters while wetsuit top is usually from 0.5 – 1.5 (max) millimeters thick.


Wetsuit jacket is mostly used by divers. You can own a long john wetsuit and a wetsuit jacket and you can use them alone or combine them into a two piece wetsuit. This way you can cover quite a big range of water temperatures. 


The normal temperature range for a wetsuit jacket is somewhere around 72F (22C) but if you combine it with a long john wetsuit you can go much lower. 

Wetsuit jacket without a zipperWomens wetsuit jacket with a short zipper


  1. I would like to purchase the wetsuit jacket with the front zipper shown ot the top of this page, the front zipper is necessary for me as I am handicaped and this is the only one I can get on or off, please advise me where I can purchase one, I have been looking for this for a long time, I would really appreciate your assistance. Thank you very much. sincerely, Marie Nelson

  2. I’m interested in the front zip wetsuit jacket
    can you tell me where I can purchase – do any vendors in Nashville, TN. carry this product so I may try it on

  3. I would like to purchase the wetsuit jacket with the front zipper shown ot the top of this page, how do i get one and how much are they. I am in Caloundra on the Sunshine coast queensland. thank you De

  4. I would like to purchase the front zippered jacket could you please let me know where from. my post code is 3806 Australia

  5. I live in Rep of Ireland and I would like to purchase the wetsuit (zipper) jacket. Can you advise me where I may purchase in the republic of Ireland. I live near Dublin.



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