How to store a wetsuit?

You have to keep in mind that neoprene is pretty delicate so storing your wetsuit the wrong way can do some damage. Why? Neoprene is very flexible and if you stretch it it will return to the original state. But if you stretch it for a very long time, like between two seasons when you use your wetsuit, this stretching can become permanent. Well, probably not completely permanent, wetsuit will still return to the un-stretched state but there can be consequences. So how to store your wetsuit properly?

Store it in a dark and dry place (to avoid UV rays that age the neoprene and to avoid the smell) and a flat surface or on a wide hanger with some space around it. How not to store it?

  1. don’t use a thin hanger or a wire hanger, it can leave indents in the wetsuit shoulders
  2. don’t put it in a place with lots of sun light because sun and UV rays age the neoprene
  3. don’t mash it into a drawer, under a pile of other clothes etc…, this will put pressure on the neoprene and you can end up with permanent creases in places where the wetsuit was folded.

Here is a short guide on how to properly hang/store your wetsuit.


  1. hi, can i store a wet suit by rolling it up and storing??….hanging on my boat is impossible..and i know folding is also a no no ..


  2. I saw an idea somewhere, where you put a piece of foam insulation — like what goes around water pipes — on a hanger, and use that to hang a wetsuit…

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