Wetsuits For Beginners

First, I need to say something about the title of this article since it could be a bit confusing. By beginner I mean someone who is new into the world of wetsuits and had never shopped for a wetsuit, never owned a wetsuit, never put much thought in everything there is to know about a wetsuit. What this title doesn’t mean is that there are special wetsuits made for beginners in water sports. For all I care you could be a pro surfer from tropical water Bali that never wore a wetsuit in his life and is moving to Canada (that would be hell :)). Of course wetsuit companies make different wetsuit models from cheaper ones to those more expensive ones. Usually beginners choose the cheaper wetsuits but that has nothing to do with their ability level in the chosen water sport. It’s just that usually a beginner is not sure if this sport is right for him and does not want to invest lots of money into something that he or she will only do from time to time. The basic function of wetsuits is to keep you warm in cold water. Better and more expensive ones will do this better that cheaper ones. And you want to be warm no matter what your skill level is. That’s all there is to it. Now we are moving on…

What Does A Beginner Need To Know About Wetsuits?

Wetsuit Guide

The biggest, thickest and longest article on this website is our guide to wetsuits. It will tell you most of the things you need to know about wetsuits – how do they work, what’s the deal with different stitches, different types of neoprene and most of other features that you might come across when you will be buying your wetsuit.

How Thick Should Your Wetsuit Be?

First you will want to decide how thick do you want and need your wetsuit to be. This depends on the water temperature and weather conditions in which you will be using your wetsuits. To find out which wetsuit is needed in which water temperature check out this chart.

What Wetsuit Types Are Out There?

There are quite a few different wetsuits out there. As you have found in the long wetsuit guide it depends on how much of your body do they cover and how thick they are. Here is a list of wetsuits that you will probably come across and if you follow each link you will find out more about each type: 5/3 wetsuit4/3 wetsuit, 3/2 wetsuit, Wetsuit Jacket, Wetsuit Top, Wetsuit Vest, Rashguard, ShortyShort JohnLong JohnSpring Wetsuit.

Wetsuit Size

Choosing the wetsuit that fits is as important as which wetsuit will you choose. It the wetsuit doesn’t fit even the warmest wet won’t keep you warm. So there are quite a few articles dedicated to sizing. I suggest you check out the following:

Since you will probably go out and try a wetsuit in the store read the how to put on a wetsuit guide.

Then there are different wetsuit sizes. Most of them will be familiar but there are some sizetags that are not completely self explanatory. Like MS, MT, LS etc… To find out what they mean check this article.

Then you have this article that is dedicated to choosing the right wetsuit size.

Wetsuit Companies And Sizes

With all this knowledge you will have to choose an actual wetsuit :). Here are two pages that will help you – a lists of all wetsuit brands that we were able to collect and the other has all the wetsuit size charts from different wetsuit companies, so you can check which size are you.

Buying Your Wetsuit

If you will buy your wetsuit online here are a few online wetsuit stores that we recommend.

You Own Your First Wetsuit, Now What?

If you are wondering what to wear under you wettie, check this article.

After you came from the water it is time to wash your wetsuit, find out how.

Then it is time to dry it, again a few pointers.

And finally – when it’s dry – you need to store it. How to store your wetsuit so you don’t damage it.

And to finish this wetsuit for beginners article – here is how you take care of your wetsuit, what you can and what you can not do with it.


Hope you liked the information given, if you have any more questions please check FAQ sections of this site.