Patagonia 2016 Wetsuit Line Will NOT Use Neoprene?!


We’ve already covered this – Patagonia partnering with Yulex to replace neoprene with a guayule plant based biorubber material. You can read about it here. So far they made Yulex wetsuit in a 60/40 blend (60% guayule, 40% neoprene), but for the 2016 wetsuit line, ALL Patagonia wetsuits will be made using 100% only guayule based bio rubber. Bye bye neoprene, hello eco friendly suits. New models have not yet been released, they will be introduced in Australia in March of 2016 with six new fullsuits and all 21 wetsuits available in North America, Europe and Japan by July.

Way to go Patagonia, I would love to test one of these.


To refresh your memory, this is how the plant looks like. Doesn’t look like much :)

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