Rip Curl Elasto 3/2 Review

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Name: Ben
Location: San Diego
Wetsuit model: Rip Curl Elasto 3/2 zipperless
Time of use: 2 years
Sport: Surfing and bodyboarding

Rip Curl Elasto 3/2 zipperless Review

I used this wetsuit for two years, it was one of the first wetsuits that was made 100% out of the new elastomax neoprene. The flexibility was quite amazing for that time. I also went for the zipperless system which I prefer to back zipper even though the neoprene gets worn out because you really have to stretch it to pull it over your head. I eventually gets thinner and finally the collar seams tore. But this was when the wetsuit was quite old already. I used it regularly for 2 years and then from time to time. I think when it tore it was like 5 years old or something.

All in all – nice and warm wetsuit but since it is so flexible it seems that it does stretch out a bit more with time.

Rip Curl Elasto 3/2 zipperless Pros

– very good flexibility
– because it’s more elastic it fits you better

Rip Curl Elasto 3/2 zipperless Cons

– the panel that you have to pull over your heat to put on this wetsuit gets worn out in time because of the extra stretching
– gets bigger with time and not that snug

Rip Curl Elasto 3/2 zipperless 1-5 Rating

4 – Good wetsuit

In Numbers
  • Warmth
  • Flexiblity
  • Durability
  • Price
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