Henderson wetsuits

Henderson logo imageHenderson wetsuits started out as Henderson Aquatics that was founded by Everett Edmund and Patrick Madison in the 1960’s. When SCUBA diving began to become popular they started making wetsuit kits. Yes, not wetsuits but DIY wetsuit kits. The kit contained a roll of Neoprene, a pattern and a bottle of neoprene cement. But soon it became obvious that ready made wetsuits are the way to go. BTW – the name Henderson comes from Henderson boatyard located in Port Elizabeth, NJ where their first wetsuit factory was located. A few of companies innovations in the following years are the original zip on wetsuit and one of the first wetsuits made for women.

In the 1990’s Henderson wetsuits expanded into the market of surfing wetsuits and started sponsoring surfers like Baron Knowlton, Todd Holland and Peter  Pan. They also started making Triathlon wetsuits. For these two markets they now have two distinct brands – Neo Sport wetsuits for triathlon and Hyperflex Wetsuits for surfing.

Henderson Makes Wetsuits For

  • Diving
  • Surfing
  • Triathlon
  • Paddling




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