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Hurley logo imageHurley Wetsuits – Hurley comes from Southern California where in the late 1970’s a man named Bob Hurley opened and operated Hurley Surfboards. Business went well and Bob was shaping surfboards for many of the best surfers in the world. In 1982, Bob came into contact with Billabong established Billabong USA. Billabong USA was doing really well and Bob and his team took full responsibility for design, sourcing, marketing and financing. By 1998 visions of Bob Hurley and Billabong how surf wear company should operate drifted apart and Bob and his team gave back the Billabong license and established Hurley Clothing.

The switch from highly successful Billabong USA to their own brand was hard and risky but sales were excellent and the company was already profitable in their first year. A few years back Hurley International launched its Hurley wetsuit division and became one of the bigger players in the wetsuit manufacturing business.

Hurley Makes Wetsuits For

  • Surfing

For Hurley wetsuit size charts go here.



hurley-phantom-men-wetsuit hurley-phantom-men-wetsuit-orange hurley-phantom-women-wetsuit

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