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Rip Curl logo imageRip Curl Wetsuits – Rip curl one of the most widely known wetsuit companies in the World. Rip Curl was founded in 1969 by Doug Warbrick and Brian Singer in Torquay, Victoria, Australia when they started as shapers making shortboards. From those early beginnigs Rip Curl has grown into a massive surf and action sport company that makes everything from surfboards, boardshorts, surfwear to mountainwear and snowbording gear. But one thing where Rip Curl has always been on the leading edge of development are wetsuits. Rip Curl is especially known for their Elastomax neoprene technologies that introduced that extra stretchy and comfortable neoprene to the world of wetsuits. They are also a sponsor of major surfing (and other) events and are sponsors of their “in-house” project called “The Search” where their crew chases uncharted reefs, untracked powder or unridden rails while testing Rip Curls products to the max.

Rip Curl Makes Wetsuits For

  • Surfing



For Rip Curl wetsuit size charts go here.

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