7mm Scuba Diving Wetsuit for People That Get Cold a Lot

9mm semi dry suit for diving

Q: I recently fell in love with scuba diving. I am looking to buy a seamless full suit, 7mm, with integrated hood. I get cold a lot, so I need a warm suit. Are there any suits you recommend? I heard that they are coming out with 7mm suits that are compressed to 4 or so mm. Have you heard anything about these?

A: There are lots of 7mm wetsuits made for diving, some are even thicker that 7mm – for instance 8/7/6/5mm Men’s XCEL POLAR HYDROFLEX SCUBA Fullsuit, 8/7mm Men’s Henderson THERMOPRENE Semi-Dry Hooded Wetsuit or even 9/7/6mm Men’s XCEL Polar ThermoFlex TDC SCUBA Hooded Wetsuit (you can find them in the first wetsuit shop on the list here). This is if you want a wet or lets say semi-dry suit.
Compressed and/or chrushed neoprene is used when making dry suits. Dry suits are made from either a membrane or from neoprene. Neoprene material contains air bubbles that give the neoprene its insulation capabilities and also make you more buoyant. But once you dive a bit deeper the water pressure will compress then neoprene and shrink the bubbles. By compressing and/or crushing neoprene in the factory they try to simulate this so that neoprene properties don’t change much while you are diving.
Hope this helps!


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