A wetsuit for larger frame people

Steve: I am not average size, I am 6′ 4” tall and have a chest size of 46”. I bought the largest Orca S2 sleevless I could find, but still i feel like i am cramed into this thing, it constantly seems to be choking me and I have had 2 SIPE attacks while swimming with it on. Is there a wetsuit designed for larger frame folks, or Clydesdales…??

Hi Steve! Wetsuit manufacturers usually also make wetsuits for larger people. Big wetsuit sizes can go from Large and Extra large and up to 4XL meaning XXXXL. A 4XL wetsuits would be for someone with a 50”-51” chest size and 43”- 44” waist size. So size should not be a problem. But it can be harder to actually buy such a wetsuit. Not all models have sizes like these and what is even worse – shops don’t like to carry sizes like these or only order a few of them since the demand for them is small(er).

I suppose you need the wetsuit for swimming but I suggest that you also check some other wetsuit brands that are not 100% swimming orientated. If you buy a sleeveless model you dont have to worry about the shoulder design.

Also – the first wetsuit shop here┬ácaries double and tripple XL wetsuits.


  1. Hi Steve ; I’m 6’8″ could you tell me where in the world they make such wetsuits no sleeves and up to the tighs ? thank you :)

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