Is Xcel Wetsuit Size 10 Ok for Me?

Q: According to the exel chart, I should be in a size 12 or 14. Yet, I am only 5′ 4″. The guys at this surf shop insist that a 10 short fits me after I tried it on. I was able to bend and it was not restricting, but it was hell to put on. I always see guys putting on their suits in about one minute with ease. Do you really think a size 10 short which is designed for a person who weighs max 135 could fit a person who weighs 165?

A: “…in one minute…” In a shop or on the beach? A completely new wetsuit is always harder to put on. Also – it’s tighter when it’s dry than when its wet. After you wear it 5-10 times putting it on gets much easier. If the sleeves and legs are long enough and if it’s not restricting go for it – the tighter the better, less room for water to get in.

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