Washing wetsuits used in chlorine pools

Cara: I got my son a wetsuit like product, it’s made of the same material as wetsuits, to keep him warm in our local pool. I know, do I really need a wetsuit for a pool that’s heated and indoors. But he starts to shiver and turn blue after 10 mins in the pool. He’s just a little guy. So most of the care direction for cleaning and what not is for when it is used in salt water not chlorine pools. I’ve seen the wetsuit shampoos but would you use this everytime it is used in a pool or maybe once a month? Suggetions please…

Hi Cara. Chlorine is not very friendly to wetsuits and it causes the neoprene to dry out, become less flexible and pale. A wetsuit that is used only in chlorine pools can be expected to have a shorter lifespan. What can you do? Make sure you wash your wetsuit every time you use it, soak it in fresh water for 20 or 30 minutes and then rinse it. I don’t think you need to wash it using a wetsuit shampoo every time your son uses it, every few weeks should be enough. This should keep the wetsuit in OK condition until your boy outgrows it anyway :)!

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  1. Hi! I need to get a wet suit for swimming at the local indoor swim plex which means lots of chlorine. I’ll be swiimming all year round, sometimes 4 times a week. I want one to keep me warm even in the summer since they keep the water cold and a/c on too. What wetsuit would you recommend? I am 5’4 100lb. I’ve never had one before. Considering the chlorine and all what do you recommend? Thanks-Tulsi

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