Waterproof and Chlorine Resistant Wetsuit

I’m thinking of buying a shorty because ever since my daughter’s birth, I am very sensitive to chlorine in the pool. Reading the info on your site, which is very helpful, I guess the wetsuit must be waterproof(the seams) and chlorine-resistant. Can you advise, please.Tnx

Uh. Waterproof seams do not mean that no water will get into the wetsuit. Even the best wetsuit with the best seams is still a wetsuit – it gets wet on the inside. There is off course a difference between a good and a cheap one. There will be much more leakage in a bad one. But if you need something that will completely stop the chlorinated pool water from touching your body, then a wetsuit will not solve this. Also, all the neoprene is affected by chlorine, I am not aware of any chlorine-resistant wetsuits. But then again – chlorine is not such a big deal, it’s not like the neoprene can never touch chlorine or it will be ruined, it’s more in the line of lets say – instead of 3 years your wetsuit will last 2 years. Just make sure you rinse it after every use with fresh water and use some shampoo every now and then.

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