Wetsuit for diving and windsurfing

Peter: Hello, I would like to ask , what kind a wetsuit i need it… for diving and windsurfing. Can U give me a brand and type, Thank U a lot and Take Care!

Hi Peter. This depends on lots of variables :) but mostly water temperature. At what water temperatures will you be using your wetsuit? Also – wetsuits for windsurfing are quite different from wetsuits for diving. Diving wetsuits are somewhat special – they are thicker, warmer and clumsier. You do not need a big range of movement, you don’t need a very flexible wetsuit when you are diving since you are supposed to keep your heart rate down and be calm. Less movement also means you will feel cold sooner so diving wetsuits need to be thicker. When it comes to windsurfing it’s quite the opposite. You need flexibility and you need some wind protection – most of windsurfing wetsuits are single lined to decrease wind chill. Diving wetsuits – double lined, no wind under water :)  (check this wetsuit guide for meaning of single vs. double lined).

As for wetsuit brands I would really rather not discuss specific brands because everyone has it’s favorites. Also, I have no experience in diving so I wouldn’t want to suggest something I am not familiar with.

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