Wetsuit Jacket for ATV Riding?

Q: I’m looking for a wetsuit jacket for a different purpose than they are made for. We ride ATVs in the Florida swamps in the winter, believe it or not it gets down in the 30’s in the winter and if you get wet your evening is over. We usually wear 3.5mm neoprene chest waders but there is nothing that is water proof and warm for a jacket. I’m 6′ 230 lbs 40″ waist and a 46″ chest, I want a wetsuit jacket that fits loosely much like a regular jacket… what size should I be looking for?

A: Uh…wetsuit companies don’t usually make neoprene jackets. I mean…they do but they are tight and not meant to be worn over other clothes. But I have seen neoprene jackets from some other companies. Unfortunately I can’t remember which ones. Sorry.

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