Wetsuits for children using a pool in spring and fall

Sally: My children swim in a heated pool however in the early spring and late fall are chilled with the lower temps. To help keep them warm with the most comfort should I look for a shirt or a shorty? Thank you.

Hi Sally. I am not sure what you mean by shirt? Don’t use a lycra top or a rashguard. These are more for sun protection and rash protection than for providing real extra insulation. Actually I think they are even worse than wearing nothing. It’s like wearing a wet t-shirt opposed to wearing nothing. When will you be colder? Then there are some thermal Lycra tops that will keep you a little bit warmer but when it comes to kids I would go with a wetsuit or at least a wetsuit top. I think a children’s size wetsuit top would be really hard to get so I suggest you just get them shorty wetsuits, 2mm thickness should be more than enough.

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