Why does my wetsuit bleach in chlorinated pool?

When I am in a pool with my wetsuit teaching confined water diving my wetsuit bleaches out over time. Why is this and how do I prevent it? Are the pool chemicals to high or is it the material of the suit with the water? Thanks by Molly

It is normal that a wetsuit will become more pale with time when it ages. Under normal circumstances, in normal condition and when you take good care of your wetsuit this will take years.There are a few things that can accelerate this process. Things like sun (UV rays), heat, chemicals etc… One of the not so neoprene friendly chemicals is also chlorine. I suppose that the swimming pool where you dive is filled with chlorinated water and this is the reason for the bleaching. Chlorine is not that bad that it would ruin your neoprene the moment you wear it in the pool but over time, if you use your wetsuit in the poll all the time, it will leave consequences. Chlorine causes the neoprene to dry out and become less flexible and also pale. The best thing for your wetsuit would be – don’t wear it in the pool :). But I guess that is not an option so I suggest you wash your wetsuit every time you use it. Leave it soaking in fresh water for 20 or 30 minutes and then rinse it. This will wash away most of the chlorine and extend your wetsuits lifespan. Every now and then you can also use special wetsuit shampoo. Or maybe just have one wetsuit that you only use in the pool and another one for diving in chlorine free waters. Hope this helps.


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  1. Can your recommend the best wetsuit solutions for a 70-year old daily swimmer to use in the pool. We are mostly concerned with the ability to put on the suit with ease and the flexibility when swimming. We understand it will wear out faster with the Chlorine but can live with that. The pool is in Florida with water temps 65 to 80 degrees during the winter when require warmth.

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