Will a wetsuit give you buoyancy and protect you in a rip tide?

Rebecca : Is it true that a wetsuit, short or long, will give you buoyancy and protect you in a rip tide?

Hi Rebecca, it is true that a wetsuit will give you some buoyancy. Buoyancy is the result of the tiny bubbles trapped in the neoprene which act as insulation. The side effect of these bubbles is improved buoyancy. A bigger, thicker wetsuit will have more neoprene (and more of these bubbles) making it more buoyant and vice versa. So a long thicker wetsuit will give you more buoyancy than a short thinner one.

But what is even more important – wearing a wetsuit is no replacement for a life jacket. The added buoyancy is not so big that it could replace a lifejacket or to keep you safe in rip currents.


  1. I sometimes put on my wetsuit (3mm nylon lined)and sleep in the pool as the buoyancy is enough to do so.rips are dangerous from trying top fight themwether suited ort not is exhastion and decline and possibly drowning.a wetsuit is a plus but not a thing to replace good sense and caution and thingk it is a magic suit giving more protection than one really does.although a wetsuit mask finsd and snorkel make a effortless almost effort to stay on waters surface.I need an unlined neoprene wetsuit below 200$ any thing available used is acceptable.

  2. I’m finding all my liquid sealed seams suits i have had over the last few years are all cracking up and there doesn’t seem to have a way to repair them
    they cause sharp edges and really dig in to me
    can you help and why does this happen

  3. I was interested in the durability of a neoprene wet-suit, its insulation and buoyancy qualities.
    They have all been answered. Thank you.

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