Ironman Wetsuits Size Chart

These are the size charts for men and women for Ironman wetsuits.

Ironman Wetsuits Size Chart

Ironman size chart


  1. Hello. I have 2 Ironman farmer john type wet suits (sleeveless). Both are older styles size ML. One is a
    Sprint and the other a Stealth. The Stealth has the blue material back section, and the Sprint all black rubber. Could you please tell me which one I would get the most buoyancy from? Also which would would keep me the warmest for a cold water swim? Thanks in advance for any info. Ed.

    • Hi Edward,
      do they have thickness written somewhere on them? The thicker one would be of course warmer and give more buoyancy, if they are the same thickness then I am sorry, but I am not that familiar with Ironman models to know the difference between these two.

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