Is There a Difference in Male and Female Wetsuits?


Yes, there is. The main differences are:

The Cut

Women are shaped differently than man and wetsuits follow that. Women wetsuits have wider hips, less material over the shoulders, and a bit more over the breasts. Sizes are also adjusted and if men’s wetsuits are usually sized XS,S,M,MT,L etc… women’s are sized 4,6,8,10,12…etc.

Color and Design

A while back black used to rule in men’s and in women’s wetsuits. Occasional pink line or flower here and there was all that separated them. But today there are all sorts of wetsuit models and brands bursting with colors that can be labeled feminine from a mile away. Go colors, I like colors:)!


Even with rising popularity of water sports among women I notice that their wetsuits have a bit more emphasis on appearance and men’s a bit more on function. You can often find that the most flexible, performance oriented, and technologically advanced wetsuits only come in men’s models. Maybe because men fall for that “20% more stretchy than last year” description and women fall for “nice color”.

Can a Girl Wear Men’s Wetuits?

Well…yes, if it is necessary. There are times when only men’s models will be available. But it really depends on her figure. Modern wetsuits are so flexible that they adapt to your body shape quite well and a bit of a difference in figure can be covered by the same wetsuit. But a girl with really feminine figure (wide hips etc…) should go for a womens wetsuit for sure.

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