5 Tips for Picking Perfect GoPro Grip

GoPro cameras are everywhere, especially if you are into sports. When using the camera different accessories come in handy. They help us attach our GoPro to our helmet, bike, surfboard, car, dog, drone, ourselves etc… These days there are like zilion of different mounts. But, the first one you should get is a simple handheld grip. Why? The camera itself is pretty clumsy to hold in your hand and with its wide angle you will soon start putting your fingers into your shots. Not to mention that with any kind of activity you will want some more substantial grip in the camera. So… get a grip! :)

There are a few different GoPro grips from extendable selfie stick like to floating ones, but the most versatile and useful to begin with is a simple regular handheld gopro grip.

How to choose the right one and what to look for? 5 things to keep in mind:

  1. Grip should sit in your hand nicely, not being to thin which often happens and also not to thick,
  2. A nice bonus is if the grip is rubberized so it does not slip out of your hands when they are sweaty or when the grip is wet,
  3. Grip should be made out of high quality durable plastic (when it comes to more affordable options) or out of carbon (if you want light weight)…sometimes a grip with a bit more weight is even better,
  4. I you will use the grip in the water a lot, then it should float when the camera is attached to it,
  5. For water it is also better if the color of the grip is easily visible in the water,
  6. And finally there is the price, a good grip can be found for about 10-15USD.

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