Furnace Dry Gloves


Furnace dry gloves: first the fleece, the the latex glove for the seal.


Furnace is a company from Portland that created the Response Dry Glove, a grippy, featherweight latex glove that goes over a fleece liner, all sealed at the wrist intended for SUP, kayak and surfing. A dry glove has a seal that lets absolutely no water inside the glove. Once you a completely have dry environment you can use materials like fleece to keep you warm, instead of neoprene that also works when wet. Of course, dry fleece is warmer than wet neoprene. So why are people not wearing dry suits while surfing? Mostly because they are too clumsy for a really active sport and too expensive. But when it comes to gloves this could work. If you’re interested, check them out.

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