How to Shoot Over Under Underwater Photos

Note: this for a change is not a wetsuit related article, but it did get me really excited and it is definitely related to water:)!

What is a over-under photo? It’s a photo where half of the picture is below water surface and the other half is above it. They are also called half-half photos, split photos etc… and the look something like this:

Half half photo of a boat and a buoy

Half-half photo that I took a few days ago.

So how do you make these kind of photos? If you have a waterproof camera like GoPro I am sure you have tried it. Putting the waterline just in the middle of the lens. But it’s hard. Even in the water is completely still and even then the end result is usually disappointing. So how then?

You need a special housing called a dome port. Besides being perfect for these split water photos a dome port will also dramatically improve your underwater photos and solve all sorts of problems that occur when shooting underwater (magnification, light breaking at the water surface etc…). The “problem” with dome ports is that they are expensive. Not something you would buy just for fun or if you are a hobby photographer. But now, if you own a GoPro Hero 3, 3+ or 4 camera, you can get a really affordable dome port from SPLIT Gadgets (they have FREE worldwide shipping). It’s a great simple to use gadget at an affordable price. We highly recommend it. All the photos in this article are taken using it.


Bubbles underwater and a surfer reef dancing over it.


Over under selfie:)


Small day surfing in the neighborhood. Check our temperature guide to find out which wetsuit to choose for those winter sessions.


Split photo of a surfer paddling.


A trip to Italy.

When it comes to technical part of the shooting with a dome and a GoPro camera it’s really just point and shoot and you are done. But there are a few tips and tricks to make your shots better. Here are a few:

  • Watch the sun! Every dome port can turn into a mirror depending on the sun (light source) angle and the background of the photo. And you don’t want your camera reflection in the photo.
  • Lick the dome to get rid of the water droplets.
  • Look for extra clear water and sunny bright days with lots of light.

Go here for more tips and trick for using a dome port.

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