Swimming in Freezing Temperatures: Gary Uses a Hooded Vest, a 3/2 and a 6/5/4 Surfing Suit

Gary mailed us a long time ago, but we missed his email. Browsing through old messages, here is a proof that even 9F water and 39F air can not stop a man from swimming. Congrats man!

Guys! I just want to thank you so much for your wonderful and most informative website on wetsuits. Perhaps the best there is on the net! I live in Kittery, Maine and crazy as it sounds I swim 12 months of the year around 4 days a week in our estuaries. The water temp. in the creek here is now around 35 F and the ice scraped my face. Each year I do a winter swim for charity. People have called the cops on me seeing me swim in the winter thinking I am a rogue seal or sea monster, so over the last 4 years I’ve done a crazy winter swim for a different charity. Here’s a video of me swimming to a set of islands off the Maine/NH coast (around 7 miles) the air was 9 degrees and the water was 39, but we made $17,000 for the charity.


This year my swim is to benefit the lighthouses in Portsmouth, NH harbor and will be around 4 miles in February.

I’ve been using a hooded vest, 3/2 spring surfing suit and a 6/5/4 winter surfing suit. I know it sounds all bundled up, but even after 3 miles in 30 something degree water I still start to get cold. The waters are the coldest here in February and for this charity swim I was thinking of somehow pumping hot water into my suit mid swim. I still have to experiment with that. It’s been an ongoing science experiment, but love it to death. Just writing to thank you guys for your most informative site. Gary

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