Waterproof Backpack for Your Wetsuit

Backpack in rain


If you are not familiar with drybags – they are bags made out of special 100% waterproof material and constructed using a special welding technique that eliminates stitches and makes these bags waterproof. So they are great for anything relater to water. But, they are very uncomfortable to carry around and they lack pockets for organizing your stuff. Everything end in the same one main compartment and all the small things usually end at the bottom where they are hard to find and to reach. Well, here comes DryTide waterproof backpack. It combines the best features from regular backpacks like comfortable shoulder straps, padded back, hip belt, mesh pockets for water bottles, zipper pockets for all your small belongings and the best feature from drybags – it is WATERPROOF.

You can throw in into the water

Not you can quickly run through the rain waterproof but full on drop it into the water and everything will stay dry waterproof. Actually – we recommend that you read their article on what waterproof actually means, because there are different levels of waterproof and not many things that claim they are waterproof really are.

DryTide floating on water

Rain? No problem.

Two external pockets with waterproof zipper and two mesh pockets for water bottles.

List of DryTide backpack features:

  • waterproof main compartment
  • laptop pocket with mesh pocket in main compartment
  • adjustable padded shoulder straps
  • padded back
  • adjustable hip belt
  • two external pockets with waterproof zippers
  • two external mesh pockets that fit a water bottle
  • hanging loop at the bottom
  • carrying handle
  • external elastic straps

All this makes this backpack perfect for traveling, kayak, stand up paddling, rafting, rain forest, boating, hiking…every activity where there is a chance of your belongings getting wet and you want a peace of mind. And finally it is also perfect storage for your wet wetsuit. The backpack will also keep the water out, stopping your wetsuit from dripping over the trunk of your car.

Check them out: drytidegear.com

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