Wear This Wetsuit To Your Next Business Meeting

There were times when we were joking that for a quick surf before work you should wear a drysuit with your work clothes under it so you wouldn’t have to change. But now you can actually do that, go to work without changing….well, kind of. Quiksilver produced a Suit made out of neoprene. You get a jacket, pants, a shirt and a tie and they are all made from neoprene. The entire suit is a wetsuit. And it looks like this:


The jacket and pants are made from 2 mm neoprene, and the shirt is made of a material developed by Quik and 3M. Even the tie is neoprene. There are several reasons why this is a really stupid idea that does not work…but the suit does look cool. The price? Around ¥300,000

There is even a series of videos to pump you into being late for work and the appearing in dripping wet suit like nothing happened:)

The commercial:

Making of:

Where to get it? TrueWetsuits.jp :)

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