Xcel TDC Lined Wetsuits Recycle Body Heat

Source: 360guide

Xcel has announced a new kind of thermal lining for their top end wetsuits and it is not “just” another quick drying fiber (don’t get me wrong, quick drying fibers are almost better than ice cream). They claim that the new textile actively works with the wearer as the fibers recycle body heat into infrared energy! The benefits of this are numerous – greater warmth, increased endurance, faster recovery, and enhanced overall athletic performance.

I will leave the details to the photos, pictures and diagrams but TDC was even clinically tested (!) and this is what one of the Xcel surfers had to say about a TDC lines wetsuit: “I couldn’t believe how warm I was during my first surf in the new Drylock with TDC. Hands down, it’s the warmest suit I’ve ever worn. Plus, after a few very long, very cold East Coast winter sessions, it was amazing to realize how consistently strong and comfortable I felt. It really made a world of difference.”

When TDC lined wetsuits become available in autumn 2014 you will be able to get them here.

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