Spring Wetsuit (Springy)

Spring wetsuit with short legsSpring wetsuit is wetsuit for spring and autumn surfing and water sports. There are two types of spring wetsuits as you can see in the pictures. One has long arm sleeves and short ones for your legs and the other has long legs and short arms. Which one is better? We think it is just a matter of personal taste. You can use a spring wetsuit in temperatures from 64F to 72F (18C – 22C).

Neoprene thickness in this wetsuits is usually 2 millimeters which is thinner than in a 3/2 full suit, so spring suit falls more under the short wetsuits than under long ones. Seams are also mostly made with flatlocked stitches which are not waterproof. Or like it is trendy called today – they are breathable :). Spring wetsuit with short arms

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