Camo Wetsuits

Camo wetsuits – camo wetsuits is short for camouflage wetsuits. This is not an actual wetsuit brand (as fas as I know). This is more a “style” of a wetsuit. Lots of wetsuit manufacturers have a camo model in their wetsuit line and there are also quite a few brands that specialize in spearfishing camo wetsuits. So what is the deal with these wetsuits? They a mainly created for divers to camouflage underwater while hunting for fish. The unique camouflage pattern allows them to blend with the environment and get much closer to the fish without being noticed. Using a camouflage wetsuit makes spearfishing much easier.

Camo Wetsuits Are Meant For

  • Diving/Spearfishing

Camo Wetsuits Photo


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