Janga Wetsuits

janga-wetsuits-logoIf you have seen a JANGA wetsuit you will remember it. If you have seen an unusual looking wetsuit it is probably Janga. The company that makes these wetsuits is called KIDNAP YOURSELF and they come from a surf town of Figueira da Foz in Portugal. There is not much we can tell you about them, it’s better that you check the wetsuit photos below. The gallery is a “little” bit more extensive than usual. Why? Because they deserve it:)!

Janga makes wetsuits for:

  • surfing

WWW: jangawetsuits.com




strong-reaction-janga-wetsuit-brown strong-reaction-janga-wetsuit-black


revolt-janga-wetsuit-white preview_indi_janga-wetsuit-red minimal-yellow-jangawetsuit-for-girls minimal-pink-jangawetsuit-for-girls Minimal-Janga-wetsuit-orange Minimal-Janga-wetsuit-electric Minimal-Janga-wetsuit-blue Minimal-Janga-wetsuit janga-wetsuit-white janga-wetsuit-orange janga-wetsuit-girls-blue indi-janga-wetsuit-girls-orange indi-janga-wetsuit-girls-green airfighter_orange airfighter_janga-wetsuit-blue


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