Jetpilot Wetsuits

Jet Pilot logo imageJetpilot wetsuits were established in 1986 when 4 Californians with a strong passion for Moto X and Watercraft saw that no one was focusing on rider apparel in this growing sport. The name for the Jetpilot brand came from the name for MX riders in Europe – they were called Moto pilots. Because Jet Ski was a Kawasaki trademark name they dropped the ski and named the brand Jetpilot.

In the late 90’s, Jetpilot and Rick Roy started the Freeride Watercraft Tour, which has changed freeriding all over the world. Jetpilot alse created surf contest for watercraft called The Red Bull Wave Challenge. Freeriding in the surf was now in a competition format.

Today Jetpilot wetsuits have evolved and Jetpilot offers a complete line of clothing, vest and wetsuits for the wakeboard and surfing markets in addition to the expanding watercraft line.

Jetpilot Makes Wetsuits For

  • Surfing
  • Personal Watercraft Racing
  • Wakeboarding

Go here for Jetpilot wetsuits size chart.



jetpilot-a-tron-wetsuit jetpilot-cblack-womens-wetsuit


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