Matuse Wetsuits

Matuse wetsuits logo imageMatuse is a relatively new company in the field of wetsuits. But even though they are young, they already have a strong following. This is mainly because they stand out. They only make high priced top quality wetsuits. And they are environmentally aware. The foundation of their wetsuits is the limestone-based Yamamoto neoprene which is also called geoprene. Follow the link to find out more about this neoprene. The basic innovation or the main different between geoprene and regular neoprene is in the closed cell content. This is much higher in geoprene that in normal neoprene. This has several consequences:

  • continued performance even when the surface has been scratched,
  • increased thermal insulation,
  • thinner and lighter wetsuit which
  • doesn’t soak up much water.

Matuse Makes Wetsuits For

  • Surfing

For sizes check out Matuse wetsuit size charts.



matuse-tumo-full-wetsuit matuse-artemis_full-wetsuit

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