Orca Wetsuits

Orca logo imageOrca wetsuits were in Auckland, New Zealand in 1993 by Scott Unsworth. He was a former New Zealand triathlon champion and he felt that the traditional wetsuit are not very suitable for swimming. He founded a company called Performance Speedsuits Ltd and his speed suits started gaining popularity. Today Orca makes high end wetsuits that will cost anywhere from $250 up to $700. It is one of the technology leaders in swimming wetsuits. For instance AirLite with tiny air pockets trapped in the neoprene to provide increased buoyancy or first wetsuit with an AirRelease panel – first breathable neoprene that lets out the heat and moisture but stops the water from coming in.

Orca Makes Wetsuits For

  • Triathlon
  • Swimming



Orca Wetsuit Photos

Go here for Orca wetsuit size chart.

Orca wetsuits

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