Pinnacle Wetsuits

Pinnacle logo picturePinnacle wetsuits were started in 1969. First they were only designers, then OEM manufacturers, and finally they launched their own product line. Today they have over 40 years of industry experience. They put a lot of resources into research and their R&D department is constantly thinking of new ways to improve diver comfort. Some of the Pinnacle specific inventions and features that you will find in their wetsuits are: Merino™ lining system, roll-neck collar system, heavy-duty rubber shoulder pads, 10mm spine pads, marine-grade brass zipper hardware, Kevlar™ knee pads, and double sealing systems in the wrists and the ankles of suits.

Pinnacle is still one of the fastest-growing brands of thermal protection. They produce wetsuits as well as drysuits, and accessories.

Pinnacle Makes Wetsuits For

  • Diving


Pinnacle Wetsuit Photos

Go here for Pinnacle wetsuit size chart.

Pinnacle diving wetsuit

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