Quiksilver wetsuits

Quiksilver logo imageQuiksilver wetsuits are a part of one of the biggest and widely known surf and action sport brands – Quiksilver. Quiksilver was founded by Alan Green, Carol McDonald and Tim Davis at the end of 1960. To continue with their surfing lifestyle and to make some money they started making boardshorts. They were a hit and the company started growing and expanding and now covers quite a few different brands including the two most well known Quiksilver and Roxy.

Since Quiksilver is in its roots a surfing company they also make wetsuits.

The Quiksilver logo

The Quiksilver logo represents a cresting wave and snowcapped mountain and their orientation towards all outdoor, action and alternative sports.

Quiksilver Makes Wetsuits For

  • Surfing



Quiksilver wetsuits Photos

Check out this page for Quiksilver wetsuits size charts.

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