Roxy Wetsuits

Roxy logo imageRoxy wetsuits are a part of the Roxy brand which was launched by Quiksilver in 1990. Roxy is a brand for young women and focuses on those who enjoy coastal and mountain-based sports and lifestyles. Separate brand was launched because they were afraid that womens clothes would damage the image of the man’s brand. Well – today Roxy makes 30% of Quiksilvers sales. The name sounds like a punk band but it is also the name of the daughters of CEO Bob McKnight and Quiksilver founder Alan Green.

Today Roxy is the largest womens action sport fashion apparel company and makes all sorts of clothes, accessories, homewares, hard goods (snow and surf), wetsuits, footwear, books, and perfumes.

Roxy Makes Wetsuits For

  • Surfing



There is a special line of Roxy wetsuits named after Kassia Meador, who helped design them. First three wetsuits here come from that line, and the last one is regular Roxy wetsuits. Nice job Kassia!

roxy-kassia-fullsuit roxy-kassia-meador-wetsuit roxy-womens-syncro-wetsuit

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