SailFish Wetsuits

Sailfish-wetsuits-logoThe sailfish brand was founded in 2007 by former national team swimmer and one of the fastest swimmers in triathlon Jan Sibbersen. Their wetsuits are known for high degree of flexibility, a balanced buoyancy and outstanding gliding properties in water. The guiding principle of sailfish is “made to make you faster”. “We do not want to be the largest provider of triathlon wetsuits on the market but the best,” says Managing Director Jan Sibbersen.

The sailfish product line now includes more than 100 products, all of which are developed in the Hessian Pfungstadt near Darmstadt, Germany.

Sailfish makes wetsuits for:

  • swimming
  • triathlon



Sailfish-wetsuit-Mens_one sailfish-wetsuits-mens_attack sailfish-wetsuit-womens_vibrant

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