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XCEL wetsuits logo imageXcel wetsuits is a wetsuit company that comes from Hawaii. We always wondered how a company based on a warm island surrounded with warm waters can make one of the best wetsuits in the market. But they manage. Xcel wetsuits have grabbed quite a few awards, recently the wetsuit of the year award. The company was recently bought by Billabong, but the will continue with their own brand and their own line of wetsuits.
The founder of Xcel wetsuits is Ed D’Ascoli. He comes from New Jersey and this are I guess the roots for his desire to make wetsuits. He later moved to Hawaii and founded Xcel in 1982 in the bedroom of his Sunset Beach house. He combined his chilly Atlantic roots and the world-class performance surf spots on his doorstep and designed wetsuits for maximum performance. He also helped establish Victory Wetsuits so he had no shortage of experince. This alowed Xcel wetsuits to grow pretty fast and become on of the top wetsuit brands today.
To ensure better customer care he opened a warehouse in California. Xcel also spread from surfing wetsuits to wetsuits for diving, wakeboarding and simply wetsuits for the sun and beach. An top of that, Xcel also makes wetsuits for the military. In 2007 and 2008, Xcel was awarded consecutive “Wetsuit of the Year” titles from the Surf Industry Manufacturer’s Association (SIMA), prestigious recognitions from industry peers. So if you will get a Xcel wetsuit you can not really miss.

Xcel Makes Wetsuits For:

  • Surfing
  • Diving
  • Wakeboarding




Xcel wetsuits

For Xcel Wetsuits size charts go here.

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