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Zoot logo imageA Zoot Wetsuit is a product of a Zoot Sports company. They produce all sorts of sport products used in triathlon – like clothes for running, running footwear, some casual clothes and of course swimming wetsuit. The history of the brand goes something like this…

Zoot Sports was started in Kona in 1983 and has always been committed to finding solutions for multisport athletes. They started with their first trisuit (triathlon wetsuit) and after 25 years Zoot Sports is the number one triathlon brand in the United States. They try to come up with the most comprehensive, technologically-advanced and complete multisport product line in the world.

The Zoot Sport team includes Ford Ironman 70.3 World Champion, Mirinda Carfrae who got the Triathlete Magazine’s 2007 Triathlete of the Year, then Samantha McGlone, and Ironman Champion, and Luke Bell.

Zoot wetsuits are designed for surface swimming and it is not wise to use them for any other sport. They will fit you unlike any other wetsuit almost like a second skin. But to achieve that some damage resistance has been lost. Because they are so soft you have to be really careful using them – don’t pull on the neoprene to hard, don’t let them come in contact with hard objects, even your fingernails, don’t put unnecessary stress on the neoprene like sit, kneel or squat for too long etc. Zoot wetsuit is manufactured from lightweight materials with fabric inside and smoothskin rubber outside. This rubber is not as abrasion or tear-resistant. Very light materials are used so the the wetsuit is a buoyant as possible.

Zoot wetsutis are blindstitched and the seams are triple-glued first so the end seam is waterproof. Neoprene is lined with Super Stretch Polyester lining or high stretch nylon jersey. There is High Stretch Heat Tape on stress areas. Neoprene comes from Yamamoto, who produces the highest quality and most technologically advanced neoprene in the industry. If you didn’t know it – almost every wetsuit in the market today is made out of Yamamoto neoprene. All Zoots wetsuits also have a Super Composite Skin coating.

With todays improvements in swimming wetsuits and swimsuits many world swimming records were broken. There was some controversy over the use of advanced wetsuits in swimming competitions and in triathlons and there are some competitions that don’t let the swimmers wear wetsuits like Zoot wetsuits so that the odds for swimmers are even, even if they dont own the latest wetsuit.

Zoot Makes Wetsuits For:

  • Swimming
  • Triathlon




Zoot wetsuit

For Zoot Wetsuits size charts go here.

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