Are Wetsuits Sized the Same as Clothing?


Lots of different wetsuit sizes here:) Photo: Ianrob Photography

No. Most of the wetsuits are sized S, M, L etc… (go here for the full list and explanation of different sizes). While some clothes can also be sized S,M,L,XL etc… this is not the same. It is true that lots of times if you wear a M sized t-shirt you will also wear an M sized wetsuit, but there is one important difference. You want your wetsuit to have snug fit. So in the case of clothes if you are taller you take a bigger size, but in wetsuits if you are tall and at the same time skinny a simply bigger size will leave too much room for water to get in. So you have in between numbers like MT – medium but tall, that do not exist in clothes. Again – please read the mentioned explanation of sizes.

And one more thing – each brand has a bit different size chart for their suits. So a fitting size M wettie from brand X doesn’t necessarily mean you can get a size M from brand Y. OK, most of the times it does, but there are differences. For a big collection of size charts from different brands go here.

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