Cold Induced Asthma and Staying Warm While Surfing

Q: What would be the best wetsuit (surf mostly, but also kite and windsurf) for 50 yo with exercise/cold induced asthma. Want to stay really warm in 50F-65F water. Already use PsychoII with thick rash guard w integrated hood and can only stay out 90 min (before slowing of mentation-e.g. hypothermia sets in). Flexibility and warmth are my primary objectives.

A: A few suggestions for staying even warmer would be:

  • Instead of a thick rash guard with integrated hood get a wetsuit with integrated hood. Surfers that regularly surf cold waters say it makes a BIG difference.
  • Replace your rash guard with a heated vest (like this one from Rip Curl). It will keep you warm for a good hour, hour and a half.
  • Make sure your gloves and booties are also top notch. Especially booties, right now I recommend Xcel Drylocks.

Hope this helps.

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