Do surfing booties go on the inside or outside of the wetsuit?

This is one of those things that seem natural to any surfer but if you are new to surfing and using surfing booties and wetsuits you just need someone to tell you. Surfing booties go on the inside of the wetsuit! You have to pull the wetsuit over the booties. Why? Because otherwise – if you leave them exposed they will fill up with water much faster. When your booties are full of water you loose the feeling for your board under your feet. If you pull your wetsuit over the booties the possible water entry point is facing downwards (better) instead of upwards (worse) so when/if you wipeout there is smaller chance that your wetsuit booties will be filled with water. Also the end of the wetsuit leg is usually made of some sort of non skid material so it doesn’t slip up your leg and is also tighter (same reason). So the “seal” between your wetsuit and your surfing booties will be better if you pull the wetsuit over the booties.

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  1. Thanks… the first time out it didn’t go so well. Big pockets of cold water around my calves.

    So now we know: pull wetsuit OVER booties. Must remember.

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