How Long Does It Take a Wetsuit to Dry?


Flash lining – “dry” in 15 minutes.

New quick-dry lining on the inside of better wetsuits can be dry to touch as fast as in 15 minutes! But that doesn’t mean the wetsuit is actually dry, just the part that touches your skin doesn’t feel wet. How long does it take to be really dry?

It depends, of course:)

  1. How thick is it, thicker neoprene – longer drying time.
  2. How, where, and when you dry it.

Here is a short article that we did on how to properly dry a wetsuit. In ideal conditions – warm weather with low humidity, gentle wind, wide hanger that allows the air to pass through the suit – it will be dry in a couple of hours, if you want it dry extra fast and put it in the sun it will be even faster (but that is generally not a good idea). For that “storage over the summer” dryness I would live it a little bit longer, just to be extra sure I don’t get that wet moldy smell.

The further away you go from ideal conditions, the longer it takes. A thick wetsuit folded in half over a hanger at 50F (10C) left overnight in a closed shower won’t be dripping wet in the morning, but that’s about it. Also if you don’t let the air flow through the inside of the drying wetsuit it can stay moist even after days of drying. So turn it inside out or outside in:) once outside part is dry to touch.

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