How to put on a zipperless wetsuit?

Zipperless wetsuitWhen putting on a zipperless wetsuit all that is written in our how to put on a wetsuit guide applies.There are a few different zipperless systems, every wetsuit brand has it’s own system. What they all have in common is the fact that they try to squeeze you into the wetsuit through a really small hole. Lucky for us todays wetsuits are so stretchy that this is possible with just a minimal amount of gymnastics :).

No matter what the system is, there is a certain order of putting on a zipperless wetsuit you should follow:

  1. to get the wetsuit up to your waist just follow our before mentioned guide
  2. now pull the body of the wetsuit up so it’s just below your armpits
  3. if the wetsuit entry hole is left from the head hole, put your right arm in first and vice versa, it wetsuit entry hole is right from the head hole put your left arm first
  4. put your other arm into the sleeve
  5. pull the head hole over your head and
  6. close the zipperless system – there will be a short zipper, or a velcro tape or some elastic that you can tighten.

That’s it, you are done.

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