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Matt: Firstly I think this is a brilliant site with practical, realistic answers. Question is: I’m looking at buying my first wetsuit and I’ve read on your site how important the fit is, so should I risk ordering in on the web without ever trying it on, or go out of my way to find a shop (not many round here!) that sells them where I can try it on? I’d obviously follow the manufacturers guidelines and measure up as much as possible. But previous experiences in ordering apparel online has taught my not to rely in it. Eg recently bought some sailing gloves online thinking you can’t go far wrong, and despite accurately measuring my hand-span still found them too tight so I get cramp when trying to grip! If I’d have tried them on in a shop, would’ve avoided that problem. Surely a precise wetsuit fit is much trickier than gloves? Many thanks

Hey Matt!  Since this is your first wetsuit it would be a good idea to try a few sizes in the shop. If you can’t – new extra stretchy and elastic wetsuits have this great capability to adapt to your body. Some of them even have less sizes since they are more flexible and fit a bigger range of body shapes. It is worth mentioning that it is really hard to get a wetsuit that will fit you perfectly – trying it in a shop or not. And they will still “work” even if they are not a perfect fit. Also – from my experience your height and your weight are a pretty good factors that determine what size wetsuit do you need. I suggest that if you buy online you send the shop your height, weight, and measurements and they can recommend the right size for you.


  1. I would like to lap swim in a non heated pool this winter. This is my first winter in Temecula CA and I am not sure what to expect. Can you give me a suggestion for what type of wetsuit to buy?

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