Small or Extra Small?

Q: Well i’m planning to rent it and i’ve never tried on a tri wetsuit before so I’m new to this whole area, most places have said i could fit into an extra small but it might be a bit tight, but then if i want to progress onto events then I’m looking for the best race fit even if small would fit fine. Being further into xs on weight should make the decision but some places have still said a small, which is a bit confusing. Thanks for the answer.

A: I’m not sure from your question, did you have the chance to try both wetsuits? Or do you plan to order it online without trying? Because if you are buying a certain brand for the first time it’s really wise to try it on since every brand has a bit different sizes and shapes. It’s hard to give precise size answers, at the end you have to go with what feels best when you try it. I am sure that one of the options feels a bit better than the other. If you really can not decide, then if it is a question of staying warm – get a smaller one.

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