Sun Protection In Warm Water: Lycra Bodysuit And Pants

Q: My family is going to Destin, FL for a beach vacation in June it will be hot and humid and my 14 year old nephew burned his legs a couple of months ago and was told by his physician that he can get in the water as they have no open areas any longer but they are very very tender and sensitive and absolutely not allowed to have sun exposure so we are needing pants to cover him but will be comfortable in the heat, humidity and protect from sun.

A: Since the water will be probably really warm your nephew does not need a wetsuit. I suggest you check out lycra spandex swimming fullsuits/bodysuits or lycra swimming pants. They will protect him from sun, UV rays, minor abrasions, jellyfish…etc. They do not keep you warm, actually when they are wet they cool you down a little bit.

When you are buying them make sure they guarantee 50+SPF/UPF sun protection which will stop 99% of the sun.

Here are a few suggestions: 1, 2 or 3 (I’m not sure of the size needed).

Hope this helps.

Swim pants for kids with UV protection.

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