Wetsuit size question – fit around the lower-back

Philip: I’m not an average size….rather tall, and find 99% of wetsuits don’t fit tight around the lower-back. Most leave about inch space. How big a problem is this since I want heat. Planning on buying a xcel superflex with lots of features (liquid and/taped sealed stitching, shortened zip with half a “batwing”, stretchy…. makes contact with lower-back, but not a tight fit as with rest of body……expensive suit (esp with South Africa’s brilliant currency), and don’t want to buy a dud because a such a small, yet worrying factor, for the money I’m gonna spend. I’ve been told they don’t ship the Small-Tall sizes here…. the MT is the closest option.

Yes the lower back… The lower back is the first place on the wetsuit where it shows if the fit is not 100% perfect. Since we are all built differently it is really difficult to get that perfect fit, even it the wetsuit is otherwise “your size”. Actually I have rarely seen someone who didn’t have a little bit of extra space on the lover back of his wetsuit, myself included. How much “extra space” can be tolerated? If its less than half an inch and the wetsuit otherwise fits you don’t even think about it, take it. If it’s more that 1 inch then you might want to try some other wetsuit brands/models…

XCel makes great wetsuits, I think you won’t be sorry.


  1. hello my name is Nathan Moore and i am interesited in your wetsuits and i was looking at the sizing chart and i am a tall skinny kid and i don’t know what size would be right for me?
    my measurements for waist, chest, height, weight, neck, and hips are as fallowed.
    waist- 31 inches
    chest- 34 inches
    height- 6ft
    weight- 140-145 lbs
    neck- 14 inches
    hips- 35 inches

  2. I believe a quiksilver ST is what will come closer to your dimensions. I`m also 6′ and thin and it’s what works best for me.

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