YES or NO: Peeing in Your Wetsuit Attracts Sharks

We know that sharks have an amazing sense of smell. Actually this sense is so vital for sharks that two-thirds of sharks brain is devoted to it. Great whites for instance can detect one drop of blood in 25 gal (100 L) of water Рmeaning they can detect some scents at concentrations as low as 1 part per 25 million. In open ocean that would represent to about a third of a mile away.

Can sharks smell pee?

“I can smell you, you dirty bastard, but I don’t care about your pee.”

So the question is not whether the shark can detect that you have peed in your wetsuits or not. It can. The question is – are sharks attracted to pee?

Experiments run by National Geographic shows that NO, sharks don’t care much about pee. Which seems reasonable. Who likes pee:)? NG placed 2 divers in water, one holding a bottle of urine that slowly seeped into the water and another diver, in a separate area, without any urine: Experiment Result: No reaction from sharks.

So pee away, you’re safe.


  1. 5 years ago, I told my young kids and their friends peeing in the wetsuit would attract sharks that might attack: All peeing stopped…now my car doesn’t REEK like an overflowing urinal anymore. I will not be showing them this article.

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